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    Rules for Posting in the Forum


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    Rules for Posting in the Forum Empty Rules for Posting in the Forum

    Post  Abhishek on Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:55 pm

    Welcome to onestopbankingexams. In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible please take your time to read through this document ( I know it is very boaring Sleep and u won't love doing so but its my earnest request to you to kindly read it ), it will help you navigate around the forums and find what you are looking for .

    These rules can be changed from time to time and I will try my best to revise the as and when required ( Your suggestions and advice will b really appreciated in this regard ).

    1. Marketers and Advertisers plz stay at a distance - This portal doesn't support advertising ( This is the reason I didn't collaborate with google adds and would request others to spare this portal from advertising ) in any form ( Not even in the form of Signatures ) , so any user creating an Id for advertising will be banned for lifetime . We also never Welcome People trying to Sell books , materials or other stuff here , if found to do so will be strictly dealt with. ( However if someone is interested can use PM feature )

    2. Non Disclosure of E-mail Id and Phone number in the forums. - Please do not disclose your Phone Number or E-mail Id to anyone in the forum Publicly ( Incase You need to do so use the PM feature only , Do not use Visitor Message for the said Purpose )

    3. Please Post your Queries in the appropriate place - Please familiarise with this place and use post your queries in the appropirate section and appropriate Forum. Forum Moderators and Administrative People will always be there to help you wherever you need some support , so don't hesitate to ask us. Each Forum contains a brief description too , so find out the section where you can post your query .

    4. No Spamming - Please do not use multiple posts for the same query , if found doing so our Moderators will delete duplicate Posts.

    5. Personal Attacks Prohibitted - All of us here are really very friendly and keen to help each other and we unite here with a common goal , consider the fact that this is a Public forum and often the views xpressed by others might not match your views. So we will request you not to use abusive or foul language will lead to banning the user .

    6. Use the search Feature - The Portal comes with a good search feature which you can you to find out the exact information you are lloking for. Do check it before Posting a new Thread.

    7. Use the Quote feature to quote some post while refering to a particular Post - Qote feature helps the forum users to understand the topic under discussion , however plz use the feature economically , for qouting long posts Very Happy .

    8. Chat Box - I have added a Chat Box at the bottom of the Portal for users to chit chat while preparing. Please use the chat box only for chatting. Do not open new threads for Chatting , if U do so your Thread will be deleted. You can also use the hangout corner for opening new threads for general chit chat .
    To enable the chat box just click the log in bottom on the right hand side of the chat box ( No need to provide separate log in id / password )

    9.Name your threads appropriately - Please name your threads appropriately to that users can find the relevant Posts.

    10. CAPS , Font Size and Colour - Please do not use CAPS to post your messages , moreover use a dark colour for posting and avoid Huge Front Size.

    11. Be nice to the users - Our Moderators will be constantly vigilating your profile and your activities , any form of rude , unhealthy comments and sarcastic remarks won't be dealt lightly.

    12. Posting Files - Please use ziddu / or any file hosting site for uploading files , in case you have any issue while uploading files , contact Moderators and Admin .

    Personally we recommend : It's free and fast and doesn't require you to register ...

    While posting files do ensure that you are not posting something which is irrelevent to the broad objectives of the forum.
    Rules for Posting in the Forum Ea5bd_gigasize

    Click the icon given in the right pannel , to quickly go to Gigasize Website.

    13.Please Refrain from Fighting - It's a request to all users to refrain from indulging into Fighting / Involving into illeagal activities. Users Found going against it might be banned temporarily.
    14. Report Posts - Use the report post feature to attract Moderator's and Administrator's attention towards something which you feel needs urgent action.
    The list of Forum Rules might be revised from time to time and you must try to follow them....
    I hope You will abide by the rules and help me updating new rules from time to time..
    15. Members found Advertising via PM facility will not be Tolerated - Users PM facilities may b withdrawn if Found , PMing users , which is directly related to Advertising or indulging in Fightings.
    17.All users are hereby warned that the following are serious offences and you might be shown the exit door , so please try to refrain from such posts.

    Violent or repulsive content

    Hateful or abusive content

    Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person

    Sexual and/or pornographic content


    Phishing and/ or malware website

    Trying to advertise in any form

    18. Whenever and wherever you see any Post , which is against the Forum rules , do report the post using the Rules for Posting in the Forum Icon_post_report button and the Moderators and the Administrators will take necessary actions.

    19. We have PM tapping feature too ( Upon the request from users to the Admin ) , if your r being humiliated or Insulted by Members do let us know - We know how to deal with the issues.

    20. We have a warning Feature Installed to warn Regular from being Banned - Users who break the forum Rules will be warned and if the need arises , after sufficient warning they will be Banned .
    Happy Preparations study

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