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    Banking Exams Descriptive Topics


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    Banking Exams Descriptive Topics Empty Banking Exams Descriptive Topics

    Post  Abhishek on Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:41 pm

    Lets find out what are the common Descriptive Topics of Banking Exams .

    Descriptive Writing Involves the following topics :

    1. Essay Writing - Broadly there are 2 such areas.

    (a) Economic , Financial and Banking

    (b) Sociological Problems ( Unemployment , Poverty , discrimination against women, corporate governance, corruption in India etc..)

    (c) Agricultural and Banking Issues - Recent Developments and Issues.

    Though the topics in this section can be anything and everything, but more importance should be given to the recent economical issues around the world.

    2. Paragraph writing

    This section will consists of any famous sayings like Rome was not built in a day, charity begins at home, lend your ears to all your tongue to few or normal questions like why wild life should be protected? How can pollution be decreased?

    You have to write an entire Paragraph on it !

    3. Point of View Questions - This type of questions will be given and you have to make some points for the point and also against the point or you have to tell the advantages and also disadvantages of that point being true.

    The questions will be like disarmament, are we more civilized than our forefathers? Democracy and its future in India, is science a curse or boon? Should love marriages be allowed? Hindi should replace English as a link language, should industries be nationalized? Etc.

    Rmember nothing can be said to be correct or Incorrect and U have to substantiate your arguement with sufficient Reasons.

    4. Letter Writing - This part consists of informal letters (like to your parents, brother etc), formal letters (like to your employer seeking a leave etc), applications and official letters, and business letters. Any good English vocabulary book like wren and martin will prove to be a good source for this section.

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