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    Largest Producers ( Very Important for NABARD and Agricultural Officers Exam )


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    Largest Producers ( Very Important for NABARD and Agricultural Officers Exam )

    Post  Abhishek on Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:49 pm

    Largest Producers of the World :

    a) The Largest Producer of Cotton in the World : China
    b) The Largest Producer of Wheat in the World : China
    c) The Largest Producer of Gold in the World : China
    d) The Largest Producer of Rice in the World : China
    e) The Largest producer of Tobacco in World : China
    f) The Largest Producer of Tea in the World : China
    g) The Largest Producer of Aluminum in the World : China
    h) The Largest Producer of Steel in the World : China
    i) The Largest producer of Cement in World : China
    j) The Largest Producer of Milk in the world: India
    k) The Largest producer of Butter & Ghee in World : India
    l) The Largest producer of groundnut in World :India
    m) The Largest Cattle production in World : India
    n) The Largest producer of Automobiles in World : USA
    o) The Largest Producer of Coffee in the World : Brazil
    p) The Largest Producer of Sugar in the World : Brazil
    q) The Largest Producer of Rubber in the World : Thailand
    r) The Largest Producer of Silver in the World : Peru
    s) The Largest Producer of Copper in the World : Chile
    t) The Largest producer of Mercury in World : Spain
    u) The Largest producer of Uranium in World : Canada
    Note: India’s position on the above list as follows: a),b),d),f),i),p) 2nd h)4th o)6th

    Source : BankPoblogspot

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