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    Committee and Work


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    Committee and Work

    Post  Abhishek on Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:02 pm

    Here is the list of various Committees and their main Focus Areas

    A C Shah Committee:NBFC
    A Ghosh Committee:Final Accounts
    A Ghosh Committee:Modalities Of Implementation Of New 20 Point Programme
    A Ghosh Committee:Frauds & Malpractices In Banks
    Abid Hussain Committee:Development Of Capital Markets
    Adhyarjuna Committee:Changes In NI Act And Stamp Act
    AK Bhuchar Committee:Coordination Between Term Lending Institutions And Commercial Banks
    B Eradi Committee:Insolvency And Wind Up Laws
    B Sivaraman Committee:Institutional Credit For Agricultural & Rural Development
    B Venkatappaiah Committee:All India Rural Credit Review
    BD Shah Committee:Stock Lending Scheme
    BD Thakar Committee:Job Criteria In Bank Loans (Approach)
    Bhagwati Committee:Unemployment
    Bhagwati Committee:Public Welfare
    Bhave Committee:Share Transfer Reforms
    Bhide Committee:Coordination Between Commercial Banks And SFC's
    Bhootlingam Committee:Wage, Income & Prices
    C Rao Committee:Agricultural Policy
    CE Kamath Committee:Multi Agency Approach In Agricultural Finance
    Chatalier Committee:Finance To Small Scale Industry
    Chesi Committee:Direct Taxes
    Cook Committee (On Behalf Of BIS - Under Basel Committee ):Capital Adequacy Of Banks
    D R Mehta Committee:Review Progress And Recommend Improvement Measures Of IRDP
    Damle Committee:MICR
    Dandekar Committee:Regional Imbalances
    Dantwala Committee:Estimation Of Employments
    Dave Committee:Mutual Funds (Functioning)
    Dharia Committee:Public Distribution System
    DR Gadgil Committee:Agricultural Finance
    Dutta Committee:Industrial Licensing
    G Lakshmai Narayan Committee:Extension Of Credit Limits On Basis Of Consortium
    G Sundaram Committee:Export Credit
    Gadgil Committee (1969):Lead Banking System
    Godwala Committee:Rural Finance
    Goiporia Committee:Customer Service In Banks
    GS Dahotre Committee:Credit Requirements Of Leasing Industry
    GS Patel Committee:Carry Forward System On Stock Exchanges
    Hathi Committee:Soiled Banknotes
    Hazari Committee (1967):Industrial Policy
    IT Vaz Committee:Working Capital Finance In Banks
    J Reddy Committee:Reforms In Insurance Sector
    James Raj Committee:Functioning Of Public Sector Banks
    Jankiramanan Committee:Securities Transactions Of Banks & Financial Institutions
    JV Shetty Committee:Consortium Advances
    K Madhav Das Committee:Urban Cooperative Banks
    Kalyansundaram Committee:Introduction Of Factoring Services In India
    Kamath Committee:Education Loan Scheme
    Karve Committee:Small Scale Industry
    KB Chore Committee:To Review The Symbol Of Cash Credit Q
    Khanna Committee:Non Performing Assets
    Khusrau Committee:Agricultural Credit
    KS Krishnaswamy Committee:Role Of Banks In Priority Sector And 20 Point Economic Programme
    L K Jha Committee:Indirect Taxes
    LC Gupta Committee:Financial Derivatives
    Mahadevan Committee:Single Window System
    Mahalanobis Committee:Income Distribution
    Marathe Committee:Licensing Of New Banks
    ML Dantwala Committee:Regional Rural Banks
    Mrs. KS Shere Committee:Electronic Fund Transfer
    Nadkarni Committee:Improved Procedures For Transactions In PSU Bonds And Units
    Nariman Committee:Branch Expansion Programme
    Narsimham Committee:Financial System
    Omkar Goswami Committee:Industrial Sickness And Corporate Restructuring
    P R Nayak Committee:Institutional Credit To SSI Sector
    P Selvam Committee:Non Performing Assets Of Banks
    PC Luther Committee:Productivity, Operational Efficiency & Profitability Of Banks
    PD Ojha Committee:Service Area Approach
    Pendarkar Committee:Review The System Of Inspection Of Commercial, RRB And Urban Cooperative Banks
    Pillai Committee:Pay Scales Of Bank Officers
    PL Tandon Committee:Export Strategy
    PR Khanna Committee:Develop Appropriate Supervisory Framework For NBFC
    Purshottam Das Committee:Agricultural Finance And Cooperative Societies
    R Jilani Banks:Inspection System Of Banks
    R S Saria Committee:Agricultural Finance And Cooperative Societies
    Raghavan Committee:Competition Law
    Raja Chelliah Committee:Tax Reforms
    Rajamannar Committee:Centre - State Fiscal Relationships
    Rajamannar Committee:Changes In Banking Laws , Bouncing Of Cheques Etc.
    Rakesh Mohan Committee:Petro Chemical Sector
    Ram Niwas Mirdha Committee (JPC):Securities Scam
    Rangrajan Committee:Computerization Of Banking Industry
    Rangrajan Committee:Public Sector Disinvestment
    Rashid Jilani Committee:Cash Credit System
    Ray Committee:Industrial Sickness
    RG Saraiya Committee (1972):Banking Commission
    RH Khan Committee:Harmonization Of Banks And Ssis
    RK Hajare Committee:Differential Interest Rates Scheme
    RK Talwar Committee:Customer Service
    RK Talwar Committee:Enactment Having A Bearing On Agro Landings By Commercial Banks
    RN Malhotra Committee:Reforms In Insurance Sector
    RN Mirdha Committee:Cooperative Societies
    RV Gupta Committee:Agricultural Credit Delivery
    S Padmanabhan Committee:Onsite Supervision Function Of Banks
    S Padmanabhan Committee:Inspection Of Banks (By RBI)
    Samal Committee:Rural Credit
    SC Choksi Committee:Direct Tax Law
    Shankar Lal Gauri Committee:Agricultural Marketing
    SK Kalia Committee:Role Of NGO And SHG In Credit
    SL Kapoor Committee:Institutional Credit To SSI
    Sodhani Committee:Foreign Exchange Markets In NRI Investment In India
    SS Kohli Committee:Rehabilitation Of Sick Industrial Units
    SS Kohli Committee:Rationalization Of Staff Strength In Banks
    SS Kohli Committee:Willful Defaulters
    SS Nadkarni Committee:Trading In Public Sector Banks
    SS Tarapore Committee:Capital Account Convertibility
    Sukhmoy Chakravarty Committee:To Review The Working Of Monetary System
    Tambe Committee:Term Loans To SSI
    Tandon Committee:Follow Up Of Bank Credit
    Tandon Committee:Industrial Sickness
    Thakkar Committee:Credit Schemes To Self Employed
    Thingalaya Committee:Restructuring Of RRB
    Tiwari Committee:Rehabilitation Of Sick Industrial Undertakings
    UK Sharma Committee:Lead Bank Scheme (Review)
    Usha Thorat Panel: Financial Inclusion
    Vaghul Committee:Mutual Fund Scheme
    Varshney Committee:Revised Methods For Loans (>2 Lakhs)
    Venketaiya Committee:Review Of Rural Financing System
    Vipin Malik Committee:Consolidated Accounting By Banks
    VT Dehejia Committee:To Study Credit Needs Of Industry And Trade Likely To Be Inflated
    Vyas Committee:Rural Credit
    Wanchoo Committee:Direct Taxes
    WS Saraf Committee:Technology Issues In Banking Industry
    Y H Malegam Committee:Disclosure Norms For Public Issues
    YV Reddy Committee:Reforms In Small Savings

    Some Recent Working Groups & Committees by RBI & Their Focus Area: (Name of Chairmen is given)
    Working Group on Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR): Deepak Mohanty
    Working Group on Surveys: Deepak Mohanty
    High Level Committee to Review Lead Bank Scheme: Usha Thorat
    Working Group to Review the Business Correspondent Model: P Vijaya Bhaskar Rao
    High Level Group on Systems and Procedures for Currency Distribution: Usha Thorat
    G20 Working Group on Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency: Dr. Rakesh Mohan and Mr. Tiff Macklem
    Committee on Financial Sector Assessment: Dr. Rakesh Mohan
    High Level Committee on Estimation of Savings and Investment: Dr. C. Rangarajan
    Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) on Capital Flows and Emerging Market Economies: Dr. Rakesh Mohan
    Task Force For Diamond Sector: A K Bera
    Technical Advisory Group on Development of Housing Start-Up Index in India: Prof. Amitabh Kundu
    Working Group on Defraying Cost of ICT Solutions for RRBs: Shri G. Padmanabhan
    Working Group on IT support for Urban Cooperative Banks: R Gandhi
    Working Group on Technology Upgradation of Regional Rural Banks: Shri G. Srinivasan
    Interest Rate Futures: Shri V.K. Sharma
    Internal Working Group to Study the Recommendations of the NCEUS Report: KUB Rao
    Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep: S. Ramaswamy
    Working Group on Rehabilitation of Sick SMEs: Dr. K. C. Chakrabarty
    Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services In Jharkhand: V.S.Das
    Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in Himachal Pradesh: Dr. J. Sadakkadulla
    Internal Technical Group on Seasonal Movements in Inflation: Dr. Balvant Singh
    Working Group to Examine the Procedures and Processes of Agricultural Loans: C P Swarankar
    Task Force on Empowering RRB Boards for Operational EfficiencyDr. K.G. Karmakar
    Technical Group Set up to Review Legislations on Money Lending: Shri.S. C. Gupta
    Working Group To Suggest Measures To Assist Distressed Farmers: Shri. S. S. Johl
    Technical Group on Statistics for International Trade in Banking Services: Shri K.S.R.Rao
    Technical Advisory Group On Development Of Leading Economic Indicators For Indian EconomyDr. R B Barman
    Working Group on Savings for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12): Dr.Rakesh Mohan
    Working Group on Compilation of State Government Liabilities: Dr. N.D. Jadhav
    Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in Uttaranchal: V.S. Das
    Working Group on Cost of NRI Remittances: P. K. Pain
    Working group to formulate a scheme for Ensuring Reasonableness of Bank Charges: N. Sadasivam
    Committee on Fuller Capital Account Convertibility: S.S.Tarapore
    Committee on Financial Sector Plan for North Eastern Region: Smt. Usha Thorat
    Survey on Impact of Trade Related Measures on Transaction Costs of Exports: Balwant Singh
    Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments: M.P.Bezbaruah
    Need and Use Behavior for Small Denomination Coins: Sanal Kumar Velayudhan
    Debt Sustainability at State Level in India: Indira Rajaraman, Shashank Bhide and R.K.Pattnaik
    Internal Group to Examine Issues Relating to Rural Credit and Microfinance: Shri H.R.Khan
    Working Group to Review Export Credit: Shri Anand Sinha
    Internal Working Group on RRBs: Shri A V Sardesai
    Working Group on Warehouse Receipts and Commodity Futures: Shri Prashant Saran
    Internal Group to Review Guidelines on Credit Flow to SME Sector: Shri C.S.Murthy
    Working Group on Regulatory Mechanism for Cards Shri R.Gandhi
    Group on Model Fiscal Responsibility Legislation at State Level: Shri H R Khan
    Task Force on Revival of Cooperative Credit Institutions: Prof.A.Vaidyanathan
    Special Group for Formulation of Debt Restructuring Mechanism for Medium Enterprises: Shri G.Srinivasan
    Working Group on Screen Based Trading In Government Securities: Dr.R.H.Patil
    Expert Group on Internet Deployment of Central Database Management System (CDBMS): Prof.A.Vaidyanathan
    Report on Monitoring of Financial Conglomerates: Smt.Shyamala Gopinath
    Working Group on Development Financial Institutions: Shri N. Sadasivan
    Advisory Committee to Advise on the Administered Interest Rates and Rationalisation of Saving Instruments: Dr.Rakesh Mohan
    Advisory Committee on Flow of Credit to Agriculture: Prof.V.S.Vyas
    Working Group on Flow of Credit to SSI Sector: Dr.A.S.Ganguly
    Group to Study the Pension Liabilities of the State Governments: B. K. Bhattacharya
    Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives: Shri G. Padmanabhan
    Working Group on Instruments of Sterilisation: Smt. Usha Thorat
    Working Group on Information on State Government Guaranteed Advances and Bonds: Shri.G.Padmanabhan
    Working Group on Cheque Truncation and E-cheques: Dr.Barman, ED
    Working Group on Introduction of Credit Derivatives in India: Shri B. Mahapatra
    Group to Assess the Fiscal Risk of State Government Guarantees: Smt. Usha Thorat
    Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments: Shri C.Ramachandran
    Working Group on Rupee Derivatives: Shri Jaspal Bindra
    Committee on Computer Audit: Shri A.L. Narasimhan
    Committee on Payment Systems: Dr R H Patil
    Review Group on The Working of The Local Area Bank SchemeShri G.Ramachandran
    Technical Group on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Shri Deepak Mohanty
    Working Group for Suggesting Operational and Prudential Guidelines on STRIPS (Separately Traded Registered Interest and Principal of Securities): Shri M.R.Ramesh
    Working Group on Electronic Money: Mr.Zarir J. Cama
    Working Group on Economic Indicators Dr. R.B. Barman
    Working Group to Examine the Role of Credit Information Bureaus in Collection and Dissemination of Information on Suit-filed Accounts and Defaulters: Shri S.R. Iyer
    Information systems audit policy for the banking and financial sector: Dr. R.B.Burman
    Working Group on Consolidated Accounting and Other Quantitative Methods to Facilitate Consolidated Supervision: Shri Vipin Malik
    Expert Committee to Review the System of Administered Interest Rates and Other Related Issues: Dr.Y.V. Reddy
    Inter-Departmental Group to study the Rationalisation of Current account Facility with Reserve Bank of India: Shri K.W. Korgaonkar
    The Expert Committee on Legal Aspects of Bank Frauds: Dr.N.L. Mitra
    The Standing Committee on International Financial Standards and Codes
    Standing Committee on International Financial Standards and Codes: Dr. Y.V.Reddy
    Technical Group on Market Integrity: Shri C.R. Muralidharan
    Technical Group on Phasing Out of Non-banks from Call/Notice Money Market (March 2001): Dr.Y.V.Reddy
    Core Group on Voluntary Disclosure Norms for State Governments: Dr.Y.V.Reddy
    Task Force to Study the Cooperative Credit System and Suggest Measures for its Strengthening: Shri Jagdish Kapoor
    Internal Group to Review the Guidelines Relating to Commercial Paper: Dr.Y.V.Reddy
    High Power Committee on Urban Cooperative Banks: Shri Madhav Rao
    Working Group for setting up Credit Information Bureau in India: Shri N.H.Siddiqui
    Committee for Redesigning of Financial Statements of Non-Banking Financial Companies: Shri V.S.N. Murthy
    Working Group on Restructuring Weak Public Sector Banks: Shri M.S.Verma
    Working Group for Working Out Modalities on Dissemination of Information in Electronic Form: Shri Y.S.P. Thorat and Shri C.R. Gopalasundaram
    Committee on Technology Upgradation in the Banking Sector: Dr A.Vasudevan ]
    Working Group of EURO: Shri V.Subrahmanyam
    New Monetary Aggregates: Dr. Y.V. Reddy
    Committee on Capital Account Convertibility: Shri S.S.Tarapore

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